Entrevista sobre la exposición razas del omsi. Tuvimos poesias, música, arte y cultura.

En el programa de radio hablamos de la nueva exhibición de OMSI “RACE”. Tuvimos como invitada a Veronica Nuñez quien nos platico sobre esta exposición y el significado.

Hubo poesias Gabriel Celaya en SEGUNDOS INTERPUESTOS, en el segmento DESMENUZANDO REALIDADES tuvimos temas interesantes de la semanay como siempre música contemporanea del mundo.

RACE: People are different. Throughout history, these differences have been a source of community strength and personal identity. They have also been the basis for discrimination and oppression. Contemporary scientific understanding of human variation now challenges the idea of racial differences, and even questions the very concept of race. RACE: Are We So Different? is the first national exhibition to tell the story of race from biological, cultural, and historical points of view. Introducing the idea of race as a primarily social construct, as opposed to a physical reality, the exhibit invites visitors to challenge how they perceive their differences and similarities.

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